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Test, just a check

    Отправлено: 2020-05-25 5:03 VernonLiags (Отправить почту)
Father of 3yo gunshot victim court to give first sworn testimony. #abc12 pic.twitter.com/NjUwAJ2aGn — Steve Gano (@GanoABC12) November 6, 2016

As it turns out, he told police he only shot a boy because he thought it was funny, rather than for any actual reason.

So in the end, the man is in prison, and no one is going to hurt him, but the boy is not.

"So this is what happens in our community. A young boy gets shot. Our community starts calling 911 because our community wants answers," he said. "A lot of kids think this is funny, but it's not."
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Net neutrality us regulators ditch rules as legal battles loom over industry plans

The FCC's "net neutrality" regulations passed last year were hailed as the start of what's been called the Internet's "fast lane" in which content is handed preferential treatment based on where it comes from. But despite the campaign rhetoric and consumer outcry, the FCC has never officially ended the rules, which prevent companies like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast from discriminating against websites or applications.

Some telecoms are also now attempting to sue the FCC for its decisions to preempt state laws that ban discrimination in the internet.

In September, AT&T asked a federal court to dismiss the company's legal challenge to the regulations that were passed by the FCC.

AT&T argued that its lawsuit against the FCC was unrelated to how the agency is regulating the internet, but the courts disagreed.

Comcast's new lawsuit came a few days after Verizon announced it was backing away from a 2015 complaint that asked the court to declare the FCC's net neutrality rules unenforceable.

If the court agrees, Comcast says the regulator has "violated <its> public obligations," even though the agency is not technically acting as an agency of the state.

Comcast and its lawyer are expected to make a formal move for a temporary restraining order against the rules on Thursday, according to People's Law Journal, an industry publication. The court filing also calls on the court to order the FCC to immediately repeal the rules.

This story has been updated to reflect comments from the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, which said it believes "all reasonable community leaders" across the country have agreed that net neutrality is important to them.

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